Dilbertización de IT

Notable el artículo de eWeek sobre la dilbertización de IT (IT workplaces have become Dilbert-ized—micromanaged, bureaucratic and stifled creatively. It's become an environment where busy work is praised and morale is low).

Recoge inquietudes muy actuales de las personas que nos dedicamos a esto de las TIC: desánimo, falta de interés por las generaciones actuales, falta de profesionales, motivación, comoditización, externalización, ... y se pregunta cómo retomar la situación (desgraciadamente no ofrece las respuestas)

Recomiendo leerlo entero y me quedo con lo siguiente:

There's a huge talent shortage across the entire field, and, in confidence, enterprise IT workers say they'd probably choose a different career path if they could go back and start over again.
¡Glups!, ya lo decía yo.

Most agree that IT has become commoditized, and therefore easily outsourced
Pues eso, comoditización ... vaya palabro

To blame outsourcing, offshoring and the dot com bust is to miss the point
Algún problemilla si que tiene sí

When IT stops interacting with the rest of the company, stops exerting influence by no longer offering innovative technology solutions for business problems, it packages itself in an easily shipped box
Yo ya avisé, que conste

Outsourcing is a symptom, not the problem. Outsourcing has become such an important factor because when you turn IT into a commodity, it becomes about where you can get it at the lowest cost
Hasta donde vamos a llegar

Let IT be more than firefighters
O algo peor

People want to work some place they can be creative, have opinions, where they can make their ideas work and where the rules aren't so rigid and they won't be nailed to the wail every time there is a mistake. People will perform better if they're given some flexibility, and the opportunity to make an impact

¿Impact dice?

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